Hotel Tierra Verde, Colon Free Zone

This house is located on the tropical island of Carenero just 5 minutes via
water taxi from the main island of Isla Colon in the Bocas del Toro Archipielago.

Filled with its different species of animals and its unspoiled beaches the Island has a population of 450 habitants and it has no roads automobilesor the hustle of the main island of Colon. In all it is a very peaceful quiet and relaxing place you can come to get away from it all.

Tierra Verde consisit of seven beautiful rooms with various layouts to meet your specific needs
in spacious rooms all with a/c hot water private tiled bathrooms semi-orthopedic mattreses
the house has a wrap around deck with large french windows which open to view the lush rainforest and the ocean views. The hotel has all the modern amenities such as Direct Tv and internet/fax connections.


Isla Carenero Bocas del Toro
Phone. (507) 757-9903, 6615-5911