Hotel El Limbo, Colon Free Zone

The hotel has been constructed completely on transparent waters of the Caribbean Sea, with 12 different types from local wood respecting the Antillean tipical architecture. Located right in the center of the island of Bocas del Toro, it offers all comfort to him necesary so that it enjoys excellent vacations in contact the nature. Account with 18 comfortables rooms with private bathroom, television of 20" and 29" with cable, conditioned air, great large windows, balconies with unforgettable view to the sea, bar-deck on the water with space of relax and reading, an ample wharf to take sun or to start off for one of the multiple excursions
(dolphins, visits other islands, beaches, snorkeling etc etc.). The great variety of rates and its impeccable service position it like the best option to stay themselves in our islands.


Isla Colón Isla Bastimientos Bocas del Toro
Phone. (507) 757-9062