Silver Exchange, Colon Free Zone

Our philosophy is simple: among well-made objects there is no room for those that are mediocre. We believe it is better to be a leader in one area rather than simply be competitors in five different areas. We specialize in 925 silver, with emphasis in our 'special' line. We have visited 4 continents and more than 40 cities in our search for products for our customers. When you purchase at Silver Exchange you are looking at a collection that comes from more than 80 different workshops from around the world.

We are sure you will like our extensive line of silver products and more importantly that they will benefit you in bringing better sales.

We have approximately 2,000 different pieces of silver jewelry on any given day. We offer basic chain lines, but we prefer to focus our efforts in diverse, modern items because ultimately we are motivated by young people who constantly seek to reinvent themselves.

Our product lines include:
Earrings, Rings, Large rings, Bracelets, Chains, Ankle bracelets, Studs, Sets, Accessories including beads, spacers, clasps, and closures.

Special Orders
If there is a certain kind of product that you always need why constantly search for it?
Let us simplify your work, tell us what product you need and we will arrange delivery every two weeks, monthly, every two months, or as you need it. In all cases of special orders we have been able to offer our clients a price at least equal to the current price, but with delivery guaranteed on time; in the majority of cases as a gesture of thanks for having chosen us for your business we can offer you a discounted price per gram.


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