Serlogin S. A., Colon Free Zone

The strategic position of the Colon Free Zone and its many advantages attracts both large and small businesses dedicated to international trade. Developing a distribution center from this area not only facilitates trading but also offers many benefits to investors aside from being a liaison for the modernization of the area and contributing to the Free Zone becoming the Logistic Multimodal Center of the Americas.

These advantages motivated the creation of SerLogIn S.A. Servicios de Logostica Integrados S.A a business that understands the logistics needs of the investors that conduct trades from the Colon Free Zone.

SerLogIn S.A. has a dedicated staff with vast experience and knowledge of the international trade field storage inventory control cargo management and business operations from the Colon Free Zone.

We recently opened an office in Panama City to benefit and meet the needs of our present and prospective clients in that market area.

SerLogIn S.A. mission is to serve its clients by contributing to their growth and participating in their success in this society.


France Field Avenida 3 y Calle 3 Edificio 59 Apartado 0302-00115 Zona Libre de Colon
Phone. (507) 430-2915
Fax (507) 430-2916